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Smarkia and María Martín-Granizo promoting inclusion and nonconformity through sport.

Paralympic athlete from Leon María Martín-Granizo and everything she has in common with Smarkia. Welcome, Maria!
María Martín-Granizo
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Today is a very special day for the Smarkia team. An exciting and significant moment in which we announce our partnership with the paralympic athlete from Leon María Martín-Granizo. With this partnership we not only want to support Maria on her way to the Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo 2026 Paralympic Games, but also highlight our commitment to inclusion and young talent at León.

María Martín-Granizo and Smarkia: Sharing Common Values

This collaboration is based on the values that Smarkia shares with María Martín-Granizo; energy, non-conformity and innovation. At Smarkia we are committed to breaking barriers and reaching new horizons in our respective fields.

Smarkiafounded at León in 2011, has experienced impressive growth in recent years; becoming a leader in the use of Artificial Intelligence to manage energy efficiently, also expanding our focus towards renewable energy and market flexibility.

La Perspectiva de Marina Salmerón, CMO de Smarkia

In the words of Marina Salmerón, CMO of Smarkia:

"At Smarkia, we have revolutionized energy management, but we want to go further. We want to be agents of social change and work to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of society. We are delighted to partner with María Martín-Granizo, an athlete from Leon who embodies our values."

The Inspiring Trajectory of María Martín-Granizo

At only 17 years old, María Martín-Granizo has already achieved remarkable accomplishments in the sports world. She is a world champion in adapted surfing and Spanish skiing champion. She is also a member of the Spanish Paralympic Winter Sports Team and is determined to make it to the Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo 2026 Paralympic Games.

His story is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion, and his dedication to the sport is a source of inspiration for people of all ages.

María Martín-GranizoMore than a Sportswoman

In addition to her sporting achievements, María Martín-Granizo is also an ambassador for the "Hazte Incluencer" movement, which seeks to promote the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Her commitment to inclusion goes beyond the slopes and waves, and her influence is recognized around the world.

A Bright Future

María Martín-Granizo is destined to continue to make new achievements, both in sport and in promoting inclusion. With the support of Smarkia, her journey to the2026 Paralympic Games is full of promise.

The partnership between Smarkia and María Martín-Granizo is a shining example of how companies have a responsibility to make talent visible and drive inclusion and values of constant improvement and perseverance. Together, we mark a path towards a more inclusive future full of possibilities for all.

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Welcome, Maria!